Soldotna City Council Approves Changes to Road Improvement Codes

The Soldotna City Council met on Wednesday night, and one item before the council was changing regulations for upgrading roads within the city. Soldotna City Manager Mark Dixson told us that the council during a recent capital project work session agreed to make the change to further development within the city…


Dixson: “In our code, we are allowed to improve roads though a special assessment district, which involves a sharing of costs of the road improvements with the adjacent land owners. However, there are certain roads that the adjacent land owners, in the past, have not wanted to have improved but we see for city purposes, or for economic purposes, or for reduced maintenance cost purposes, that we may want to go head and pave these roads, improve these roads with city funds instead of going to the adjacent land owners. That’s going to be a part of our policy, the council agreed that there are certain roads, North Aspen would be one of them that we should probably just go ahead a pave instead of waiting for a special assessment district is formed.”


The council approved this unanimously.

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