Soldotna City Council Adjusts Conflict of Interest Rules

The Soldotna City Council, last night, took up an ordinance to further define what constitutes a conflict of interest. The ordinance up for public hearing last night, was sponsored by City Council member Pete Sprague


Cm. Sprague: “The council, last summer, passed an ordinance which kind of tightened up the conflict of interest rules, that stated that if you’re on the board of a non-profit, that because you’re on that board, you did have a conflict of interest and couldn’t vote on an issue that was before the council. But there are situations where the city has an appointed seat on different non-profit boards and I wanted to loosen the restrictions so that a council member, serving as a representative of the city on a board, did not disqualify themselves from acting as a council member during discussion and vote.”


The council approved this unanimously.

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