Soldotna Chamber Warns: We’re Not Affiliated With Global Publishing

Calls have been circulating Soldotna businesses today, with a company claiming to be providing¬†advertising¬†for a relocation guide. Michelle Glaves, Executive Director for the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce, said it’s not them…


Glaves: “There’s been some phone calls to a lot of businesses in the area today, saying that they’re putting together a Soldotna relocation and community guide, and sending bills and wanting credit cards over the phone. And so we just wanted everybody to know that the Soldotna Chamber is not putting out a relocation and community guide where we would be asking for credit cards over the phone or sending you a bill, unless it was from us.”


Glaves said the Chamber is putting out a relocation guide, but they won’t be using a third party to collect money.


Glaves: “They are claiming to be Global Graphics Design or Global Publishing. They’re using both of those names and it’s in Illinois, is where the address is from. So we just wanted to make people aware that Global Publishing is not us.”


UPDATE: KSRM has been in contact with Global Publishing; the gentlemen who answered the phone indicated this is an independent relocation guide, which is commonly distributed in gas stations and local businesses and through local Chambers of Commerce. He confirmed they are not a scam, and are not affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce.

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