Soldotna Chamber Still Looking for Businesses to Host Lemonade Stands

As we’ve reported, the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce is organizing the second annual lemonade day across the central Kenai Peninsula. The chamber is continuing to look for local businesses that would help young small business owners locate their stands on May 11th. January Yeager, event coordinator outlined what obligation is needed by the businesses


Yeager: “The business, really, all they have to do is say, ‘yeah you can have a lemonade stand,’ and provide a place, whether that’s inside or outside depending on how they want to work that out, and what kind of business it its. A lot of them are outside. So they just have to provide the space, they don’t have to provide a table or product, or anything like that. Just the space, where the kid come and setup his stand, his table, whatever he’s got going on, and put his stuff out there and sell his lemonade. So it’s really a very very minimal commitment for a business.”

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