Soldotna Chamber Preparing for Lemonade Day This Saturday

The Soldotna Chamber of Commerce is gearing up for the annual Lemonade Day event this weekend. January Yeager with the Soldotna Chamber spearheads efforts for the central peninsula…


Yeager: “This is the second year we’ve done Lemonade Day here in Soldotna and Kenai, and it’s actually gone peninsula wide now, Homer and Seward are doing it as well, and then Anchorage and other places in the state. The actually day will be May 11th, which is a Saturday, that’s when all the kids will set up their booths and go out and sell lemonade at their designated spots.”


Yeager also said that it may not be too late to get signed up for the program


Yeager: “You can go online to and register, or you can come in here[The Soldotna Visitors Center] and see me and register, and then you’ll get a backpack and it has a couple of work books in it. One is for your mentor, so your parent, teacher, whoever you’re doing the project with. The other is for the child or the youth, and it goes though how to start your own business,  what investors are, how you need to gather your products, that sort of thing. It just kind of walks you though the process from beginning to end of making your own little business, which will end up being a lemonade stand.”

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