Soldotna Chamber: Phone Calls Not From Us

The Soldotna Chamber of Commerce said out of state publishing companies are again making phone calls to local business, asking for sponsorship for a visitor’s guide which is not connected to the Chamber.


The calls were common last August, when publishing companies based in Illinois and Missouri were asking businesses to advertise in a visitor’s guide which may be distributed through the Chamber. Michelle Glaves, Executive Director of the Chamber says the callers are not connected to the Chamber in any way, and local business owners need to know that the Soldotna Chamber’s Visitor Guide is now closed to advertising…


Glaves: “They are claiming to be Global Graphics Design or Global Publishing. They’re using both of those names and it’s in Illinois, is where the address is from. So we just wanted to make people aware that Global Publishing is not us.”


Glaves said the only person authorized to sell the Chamber’s advertising is Tami Murray. She encouraged anyone confused about phone calls or sponsorship to get in touch with the Chamber at 262-9814.



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