Soldotna Candidate Filing Period Still Open

The candidate filing period for the  for the upcoming special mayoral election in Soldotna is continuing though next week. The April 2nd election was called for to find an elected replacement for former mayor Peter Micciche. Soldotna City Clerk Teresa Fahning about what’s needed to file as a candidate


Fahning: “There is a packet of material that candidates need to pick up, there’s a form called a declaration of candidacy that they fill out and return to our office, they also fave to complete a financial disclosure statement, which is put out by the Alaska Public Offices Commission.The packet of material we have for them tells them a lot of information about what you need to qualify for to run, being a registered voter and resident in the area, that sort of thing, they can pick those up at our office or online.”


You can find the candidate packet here

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