Soldotna Asks Fishermen to Stop, Chop & Throw

Although the City of Kenai has been devoting a lot of time and money to dealing with summer fish waste, Soldotna has avoided many of those issues. Parks and Recreation Director Andrew Carmichael explains why…


Carmichael: “Last year we constructed a cleaning station at Centennial with running water and some chutes that help get the carcasses into the current, and that helped us with the problem we’ve had in years prior with the carcasses building up on the inside bend of the rivet in Centennial. There’s just a massive amount, and the chutes that we put to get to the current help dramatically. We still go down every morning for a few hours, there’s a staff member that goes down and pitches fish every morning.”


Carmichael said that the currents around Soldotna help a lot, but it’s still important fishermen are responsible with waste…


Carmichael: “We’re going to try to encourage more of the Stop, Chop, and Throw program. That was brought down from the Russian River, where they promote cutting it into smaller pieces, so it’ll flow better with the current. Just catching up and staying on top of it as the fishing comes in.”

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