Soldotna Area to See Many Construction Projects Over Summer

Posted: April 11, 2014 at 11:59 am

This summer Soldotna will see many constructions projects happening.


City Manager Mark Dixson named some of the main ones.


Dixson: “Consider the Mullen project at the Y, with the development of the Walgreens and the associated streets, we have the Binkley Project which is going to be going on, we have North Aspen Street which will commence this year and we also have leftover from last year Sterling Street and Porcupine Street.” 


The Soldotna City council passed a resolution on Wednesday to reimburse Drug Soldotna Limited Partnership which will be developing 47th street behind where Walgreens will go.


Dixson: “We have an undeveloped street called 47th Street. The developer of the project is going to construct the road to our standards and then we’re going to reimburse that developer up to 25% of the cost because of the benefit that the city is receiving from that.”


The resolution specified 25% or $100,000, whichever is less, and passed unanimously.


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One Comment to “Soldotna Area to See Many Construction Projects Over Summer”

  • jimmy says:

    You have an undeveloped street that only needs developing to serve a private business.

    Is the private business going to pay for the street it needs? No you taxpayers will pay for the street that serves this private business.

    Then when this new business kills a few local businesses, you’ll pay again because the jobs the new business is bringing in won’t pay a living wage, so you’ll pay again to provide assistance to minimum wage workers.

    Looking for a bargain? You’re not getting it.