SoHi Track Nearing Completion

The SoHi track upgrade is nearing the finish line.


Jim Beeson who is working on the project told us they are on the third layer of a special track coating and gave us some details about the process.



Beeson: “And then we put a coat down of a polyurathane and paint looking substance with what we’d call what cooking oil looks like that mixes in with it, we put a first coat on that basically seals the track and so the biggest issue is that we can’t have rain because if the track has to be completely dry or else it bubbles up, so then after we get the first coat down and it’s dry then we go around and put a second coat, and they have some granulated rubber they put down into the mixture and they put that all the way around the track, we want to get 10-12 millimeters in terms of thickness of the track and once we get that second layer on we go around and tape off the inside of the field so the rubber that we’re putting on the outside of the turf doesn’t get drug all over.”


He added that the fourth and last coat is a thinner coat to which they top with a granulated rubber mixture.


Beeson also detailed how he got involved with this project.


Beeson: “Last year we worked on the Kenai track and the company that does it is out of oregon and one of the stipulations when they work in Alaska is they have to have X number of local hires.”


The track is slated to be finished by in time for sports this school year.

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