SoHi Acquires Funding For New Track And Field

As if Soldotna High School wasn’t busy enough with all of the upcoming changes next year, the school has acquired all the funding they need to build their new turf field and 8 lane track, replacing their old track that was build in 1980.


We spoke with SoHi Principal Todd Syverson about where the funding for this new addition came from.


Syverson: “It came out of Juneau, our legislative team down there worked hard to make sure we got that money together, Rep. Olson, Senator Micciche, Rep. Chenault and Borough Mayor Mike Navarre were instrumental in helping to secure those funds.


We asked Syverson what improvements this track and field will bring to the school and its students.


Syverson: “We haven’t hosted a meet in about 15 years so we’re really excited to get a new track in place. It will be an 8 lane track which will allow us to host region meets and hopefully someday put it bids for state meets and then we will also get a turf field which will be huge for our soccer programs in the spring. Many times we’re fighting ice, mud and snow in the spring so that turf should dry off quicker and faster and be a better spring surface for us, so that’s going to be huge for our soccer program.”


Syverson said once all the decisions are made regarding the potential new school colors and/or mascot, they should break ground on construction of the new field and track in April of next year.


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