Sockeye Tagging Half-Way Complete

A salmon tagging research program is nearly half-way complete, according to Kintama Research’s President David Welch…


Welch: “And the sockeye tagging is going according to schedule. The number of kings is being slow, or lower than we want, so we’re just starting up with a second boat that we’re going to charter that will fish in very shallow waters, just off Anchor Point, that will fish in very shallow waters just off Anchor Point, where most of the Chinook appear to be sitting right now.”


So far, 12 of the tagged fish have been caught and returned, 11 were reds and one a king. Welch said 140 will be tagged in total.


Welch: “We’re expecting that the majority will not get caught. Some will get caught, of course, the majority will not get caught, and the more that don’t get caught, the more information we get on their movements.”

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