Sockeye Run Tailing Off

East Side Set Netters still have 12 hours of fishing time which may be opened between now and August 15th. Management biologist Pat Shields said that time will likely be used sooner rather than later…


Shields: “It appears by what we’re seeing out in the marine environment – our test fisheries are done – but by what we’re seeing in the last couple days where we have fished, Saturday August 2nd and yesterday with the set net fishery, the sockeye run is declining and we don’t have any data out there that suggests we’ve got another push of sockeye yet to come.”

Shields said from a management perspective, 2014 was a relatively successful season, since they project they will meet the lower end of Kenai sockeye and king goals, though¬†in the Kasilof River, the upper end of the upper goal was exceeded. However, from a harvest standpoint, this was a difficult year for small businesses…

Shields: “North of the Blanchard Line, what we call the Kenai and East Forelands sections, the set net fishery there fished three times in [July] 2014 and caught about 100,000 sockeye. When you divide that catch out amongst the number of permit holders that fish there, you know I used the word bleak, that’s a pretty poor ex-vessel value or pretty poor financial season for those set netters.”

Depending on the number of pinks which come in over the next few days, set netters may be opened up for an additional fishing period later this month under the pink salmon management plan.

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  1. cheech 5 August, 2014, 14:35

    The Kasilof subdistrict of the east side set net fishery will be closed for the season after harvesting less than 1 percent of the total season harvest in the Kasilof subdistrict for two regular periods in August.

  2. Bill of sale 5 August, 2014, 18:08

    I wonder
    If my shields
    Thinks the dip net fishery
    Was a failure

    Ask grant aviation how many boxes
    Of food when out
    Of state or to anchorage
    The other transporter
    How they did

    Re disperation of wealth
    Or food

    At the expense of others
    Mr shield should pat him self on the back
    That there was plenty of free food
    For family outing

    Every one so so deserves

    You know it’s my right
    To have free food for fun

    Does this make sense probably

    But does anything make sense anymore

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