Smoking Regulation Bill Heads to Finance at 9am

The Health and Social Services Committee heard and passed Senate Bill 209 on to Senate Finance which will meet at 9 am today.


On Wednesday the Committee heard both support and opposition from legislative information offices around the state.


Residents from the Kenai office voiced only opposition.


Lucky Raven owner Patricia Patterson said the bill will severly impact her business.


Patterson: “This is not self policing, this is not self reporting. I am already audited by three different government agencies in the State of Alaska, one federally and now I’m audited under the Municipality of Anchorage due to some changes in the tobacco law. Be very careful about this heavy handedness.” 


Soldotna Resident Daniel Lynch said the bill impedes on freedoms.


Lynch: “In closing I’d ask you to look in your rear view mirror: there goes freedom. Now look in the mirror straight up: it’s not President Obama taking freedom, it’s the Alaska state legislature and the governor.”


Senate Finance is the last committee SB 209 must go through before heading to the Senate Floor, however its companion bill HB 360 remains stagnant.

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