Smoke Detectors Absent in 50% of Local Fires

Daylight Saving time ended yesterday, pushing clocks back one hour. Local firefighters are hoping the twice-yearly switch also reminded homeowners of another small change: the battery in your smoke detector…


Nelson: “Out of the fatal fires we had last year, hard statistic to swallow is the fact that 57 percent of those fires had no working smoke detectors in their house, and 34 percent of the other ones, we couldn’t tell if the smoke detector was working or not.”


CES Safety Officer Brad Nelson said you can make a big difference to the level of fire safety in your home with just a few simple steps…


Nelson: “That’s testing them once a month and changing those batteries once a year, and so what we do is every year during the daylight saving time, we remind everybody: when you’re changing those clocks, change out the batteries as well.”


And although daylight saving ended yesterday, it’s not too late to take care of your smoke detector if it hasn’t been changed yet.

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