Sleater Day Set For May

A touching moment at Soldotna City Council last night saw Ed and Sharen Sleater recognized through a formal proclamation. We spoke to Ed and Sharen…


Ed: “The 25th of May has been named Ed and Sharen Sleater Day in the City of Soldotna.

Sharen: “Soldotna has taught us about giving and sharing for your community. We’ve done a lot of public service in so many place that we’ve lived, but none so much as what we’ve done here, because we love our city very much.”


The Sleaters are moving to Quincy, Washington. They were thanked for their service to the community, and given a special sign…


Ed: “Sleater Lane, a big green sign with white lettering, and it’s got the Soldotna logo on it. Beautiful sign, wow! I got Sleater Lane. I got eight brothers down there and they don’t have a Sleater Lane.”


Ed said he’d be bolting the sign right to the outside of their new home.

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