Skyview Teacher Named BP Teacher of the Year for Kenai Peninsula

The BP Teachers of Excellence awards banquet was held last night, and Skyview High School social studies teacher Robert Sparks was named the Kenai Peninsula BP Teacher of the Year.

Robert Sparks teaches social studies, 10th grade world history and 12th grade government at Skyview High School.

Believing education is a 24-hour experience, Sparks encourages his students to discuss information from school at home, and has received numerous comments from parents who say their children are knowledgeable about events and subjects they never had interest in before.


Sparks is a co-creator of the Classroom WithOut Walls (CWOW) Program which allows students to use digital devices and mobile technologies to connect with other parts of the world. Through CWOW, students have discussed important historical events with people who lived through them, and have been a part of videoconference lessons with students in Afghanistan, Kenya, Israel, Yemen and numerous states.


This global teaching is bringing a new sense of learning and connectedness to the students at Skyview High and across the Peninsula.

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