Shields Called as a Witness Against the State

Local Area Management Biologist Pat Shields was called as a witness in this week’s Cook Inlet Fisherman’s Fund lawsuit.


His testimony was used by CIFF to build a case against Shields’ employer, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.


Shields: “So that was the question I was asked: ‘Do I feel that the Department managed properly?’ And that’s a difficult question. We have exceeded the upper end of the sockeye goal and we haven’t made the king goal yet. And I have communicated a number of times, that’s often what happens. When one stock is weak numerically and another stock is strong numerically, you oftentimes find yourself exceeding one goal and not making the other in trying to reach that balance between the two.”


Shields also confirmed that since the king fishery is finished as of July 31, the Department is now free to open East Side Set Netters if it chooses; however, he said they won’t do that until the lower end of the king goal is reached.

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