Seward Music And Arts Festival Kicks Off Tomorrow

The Seward Music and Arts Festival begins tomorrow starting Sept. 27th going on through the 28th and the 29th.


It is the 10th anniversary of the Seward Music and Arts Festival and this year will include a diverse line up of over 20 live performances, locally made arts, crafts and food as well as various activities for all ages.


We spoke with the General Director of the Seward Music and Arts Festival about some of the things participants can expect.


Burnard: “There are over 30 vendors of arts and crafts, all Alaskan, all hand made and then there’s a kid area we’re having the Alaskan Assassins come down which is a break dancing group from the valley and they’re coming down to do a workshop on Saturday and a performance on Sunday. There’s Art In Motion so tomorrow night about 8:00 pm there will be a bunch of different dancers and ariel acrobats they do ariel silk performances.”


A key coordinator in the SMAF, Jessi Nelsen, passed away last month in a tragic plane crash at Merrill Field in Anchorage.


Burnard said its important for everyone to know this festival is in Jessi Nelsen’s memory.


Burnard: “On our posters and on our programs we acknowledge that this festival is dedicated to Jessi and on our volunteer and staff shirts we have a special heart on the back that just says Jessi and Rob. I really want it to be really upbeat and I know its going to be really hard for people to even be here so I kind of wanted to just make sure everyone knows this whole thing is dedicated to her”.


Admission prices for the SMAF are $10 for adults for a $20 festival pass, teenagers and seniors are $3 and a $6 festival pass and children under 12 are receive free admission.


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