Seward Derby Outstrips 2012 Within Days

The 2013 Seward Silver Salmon Derby is already weighing in a better result than 2012, with current first place holder Don Childs of Wasilla chalking up a 17.13lb silver. Erin Lemas, event coordinator…


 Lemas: “Well last year the winner was 16 whatever Earl Cagle’s was was 16 point whatever and that was the biggest fish all nine days and we only had one fish over 15lbs and that was Earl and he won. So the fact that we have a 17lb number one, a 16.67 number two and 15.79 number three, all the fish are super fat this year.”


Lemas said the event is attracting a lot of attention, some of it from unexpected sources…


Lemas: “It’s kinda’ crazy ’cause we have that cruise ship that’s stranded in our boat harbor, so we get a lot of people from even out of the country that’re like, ‘What’s the salmon derby?’ So we’re like, ‘Oh, well, this is what we do.'”


The Celebrity cruise ship holds more than 2,000 passengers and has been stranded in Seward since Thursday with electric problems. The ship is set to leave port on Tuesday, bypassing the panhandle and heading straight to the next connection in Vancouver.


The current leader board for the Derby shows:


Place  Last Name  First Name  Town State  Weight 
1 Childs Don Wasilla AK 17.13
2 Jensen Richard Palmer AK 16.67
3 Vestral Cathleen Anchorage AK 15.79
4 Johnson Erik Anchorage AK 15.24
5 Dubbe Ben Anchorage AK 15.18
6 Tallman Nick Seward AK 15.15
7 Wieczogek Andrew Anchorage AK 15.05
8 Wilson Stacie Anchorage AK 15.04
9 Keller Wilma Anchorage AK 15.03
10 Purcell Mike Shelton AK 14.94
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