Set Nets and Drifters Opened For Saturday

 With 380,000 sockeye escaped in the Kasilof River, where the upper end of the goal is 390,000, the ADF&G is continuing to extend commercial fishermen.

The drift fleet has been used aggressively by the Department, and they’ll be open in the  Expanded Kenai and Expanded Kasilof Sections of the Upper Subdistrict tomorrow from 11a to 11pm.

In the Kenai River, the current escapement is estimated at 850,000 as of noon today, with an optimal escapement goal of 1 million to 1.2 million. To curb the numbers, the Department is also opening set net fishermen in the Kenai, Kasilof and East Forelands Section of the Upper Subdistrict from 11am to 7pm tomorrow.

On July 18th of last year, 528,722  sockeye had escaped into the Kenai River and 169,626 into the Kasilof River.

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