Set Net Ban Not Dead Yet: Sponsors ‘Considering the Options’

A petition to ban set nets in urban areas of Alaska is still percolating, according to petition sponsor Joe Connors. Connors said the Lt. Governor’s decision on January 6 to deny the petition hasn’t stopped their movement…


Connors: “We are definitely looking at our options. Definitely. And do we anticipate doing something? It’s simply a matter of we haven’t had the time, but we’re definitely looking at the options. We will be meeting with our board and our attorneys and don’t be surprised that we do something. There are several options out there.”


We asked Connors what options they might consider…


Connors: “Well my understanding is we can resubmit initiative or we can go through the court system. Those are the two options that I’m aware of, and we have not decided which, but we are definitely considering.”

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