Septic Water Seeping into Groundwater on K-Beach

David Yragui of Redoubt Plumbing & Heating says K-Beach residents don’t realize they could be pumping contamination into the groundwater and damaging their septic systems.


Yragui says that the water table in the area is alarmingly high, and has already begun flooding crawlspaces in the area between Mile 11 and 16 of K-Beach Rd…


Yragui: “People don’t understand the problem, because they don’t see the water, but they need to check their crawl spaces. They need to see if their crawl spaces have water in them, and if they do, call a hydrologist, or make people aware of what’s going on. Check the monitor tubes on their leach fields and see if their leach fields are underwater. It’s not advisable to pump a septic tank when the water’s as high as it is. There’s people that’re pumping their septic tanks and the sewage, the grey water, is on top of the ground now.”


The Kenai Peninsula Borough Office of Emergency Management said they’re aware of the issue and have been studying the area along with State hydrologists. They say it’s still unclear whether the high water table is a result of last year’s flooding, or if there’s another core issue.


Yragui said he’s concerned that it will soon be too cold to take any action, and septic tanks could be seriously damaged over the winter if they’re incorrectly pumped at this time.


KSRM will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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