September 5th, 2012

Think About It……..                                                                                                             September 5, 2012

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf??  That’s a good question when it comes to Alaska’s relationship with the Federal Government.

It would be a rare and uninformed Alaskan who does not realize the Federal Government is continuing to flex its considerable muscle in our state and overstepping its boundaries and encroaching our States Rights under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution:

     **the taking over of our navigable rivers, streams and lakes and claiming jurisdiction over any and all waters that even touch a boundary of any of their federal land, even to the extent of now getting Alaskans use to their demands for limits and closure of fish and game seasons,

     **the mandate for control of individual health care decisions through the unconstitutional Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or Obama care,

     ** the listing of new species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and designation of critical habitats.

     ** the recent decision to try and steal another  87 million acres of land in Alaska as potential “wild lands, and further stifle our economy,

     ****the EPA trying to outlaw resource development on State of Alaska lands which simply must be a state decision.

     **the training of employees  in Federal Parks, Refuges, Monuments and Forests to be Tactical and Swat Teams for possible future control of the populace,

     **those trained Federal Tactical Team members are now ready and able to take over, immediately, for our State Troopers, Alaska Wildlife Troopers or City Police if they are needed or called upon by their leaders in Washington,

          ** Plus many more federal  actions that have left our States Rights decimated.

It’s almost like Alaska gave up State Sovereignty and States Rights when those Alaskans back in 1959 signed the agreement for Statehood that was offered by the Federal Government.  Liberal Federal courts never rule in our favor and our state leaders seem to give up.  And then it continued  to get worse on several fronts, over the years, but none worse than former Democratic Governor Tony Knowles refusing to take the Katie John case to the Supreme Court and giving the Feds control over all of our navigable waters in the state, the only state to ever do so. That Knowles bumble will cost our state multi-millions of dollars in the future.

These types of federal policy decisions fly in the face of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) of 1980. Most famous in that Act is the “no more” clause that the Feds continually refuse to honor.

Governor Sean Parnell seems to recognize the problem of the Federal Government over-stepping its boundaries, but he needs the support of the Legislature and an aggressive all-out push to force the out-of-control Federal Government to live within the Constitution.  How long with Alaskans tolerate these Federal tentacles of control that threaten to snuff out our economic growth and destroy the life style we as Alaskans want to live our way?

It does appear, right now, that The Alaskan Independence Party (the AIP) is one party that is on the right track but powerless to influence state decisions on demanding our States Rights. Hopefully, our Republican legislators will get up off of their knees and join the fight…..the sooner the better.

Think About It!     JCD    9-5-12

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