Sens. Begich, Murkowski Farewell ‘Fair’ Deputy Interior Secretary

The  Deputy Interior Secretary, David Hayes, announced today he’s leaving the Dept. of the Interior teach at his Alma Mater, Stanford Law.


Given the Department’s far-reaching influence in Alaska, both our U.S. Senators issued statements thanking Hayes for his service.


Sen. Begich spoke of the progress made with Hayes, crediting the Deputy Secretary for helping streamline OCS permitting. Begich said this enabled the first offshore wells for Alaska drilled in decades.


Both Sens. Begich and Murkowski stated that Hayes’ commitment to the Alaska Interagency Working Group, was crucial in permitting reform.


However, it wasn’t all rosy as both Senators admitted they hadn’t approved of every decision Hayes made, but according to Sen. Murkowski, “David was effective and fair, and always brought honesty and integrity to what were sometimes tough discussions.”


She said she was sorry to see him leave. Hayes officially steps down in June.

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