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Senator Scott McAdams…….If Alaska history repeats itself, then he will be our new senator by December.  During Alaska’s existence as a state, voters have elected several governors through the third-party process.  In the 90’s, Wally Hickel won as a member of the Alaskan Independence Party and Tony Knowles was able to win as a Democrat, after another strong showing from the Alaskan Independence Party.


Now, with Lisa Murkowski and Joe Miller both running, history could very easily repeat itself in November.  This would be a major blow for Republicans, who want to keep their conservative voice in Washington.  Alaska has not had two Democrats serving in the U.S. Senate at the same time since the 60’s prior to Senator Ted Stevens.  If history repeats itself, then Alaska will join 20 other states that have two Democrats in the Senate.  These 20 states include California, Oregon, Rhode Island, New York and Illinois. 


Senator Scott McAdams would join Senator Mark Begich favoring the new healthcare reform legislation and more federal funding for the state of Alaska with strings attached.  In all fairness, McAdams does support more resource development, more local control of school districts and more economic opportunities for the rural areas of the state. 


With Senator Scott McAdams, the state could remain in the minority after the upcoming November elections.  States that normally don’t support conservative lawmakers are starting to do so, while President Barrack Obama has seen his approval rating plummet from 67 percent in 2009 to 46 percent this month.  In a new Rasmussen Reports poll out this week, 61 percent of voters also want to see the health care reform bill repealed, too.


So, what can be done by conservatives to prevent a Sitka Democrat from reaching the nation’s capital?  Lisa can still accept defeat, this year, and wait two more years for a Senate run against Mark Begich.  She can still realize that the core beliefs between Miller and herself are not that far apart.  Both have said they want less federal government intrusion in Alaska.  Both have said they don’t like the healthcare reform bill that the majority of Americans don’t like.  They both want more resource development in the state.  I believe Alaskans would support both candidates overwhelming, as long as they don’t run against each other.


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