Senator Murkowski Voices Concerns Over Gender Wage Gap Bill

Posted: April 10, 2014 at 12:45 pm

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) spoke to the U.S. Senate earlier this week about a bill aimed at reducing the wage gap between men and women.


Sen. Murkowski (R): “I struggled with my decision as to whether to move to a measure that I feel was flawed in terms of its approach to a solution or to recognize that perhaps this was more of an exercise in political messaging than an effort to try to resolve what I believe is an issue.” 


She added that Alaska’s State Department of Labor reported a wage gap of 33% in 2010 and realizes it is an issue however raised this concern.


Sen. Murkowski (R): “If you start off with a presumption of discrimination it’s pretty hard for an employer, particularly a hard employer, to deal with that, to defend that, to present the case, to really work through these issues.” 


Murkowski and fellow Republicans questioned whether the bill might hinder employer’s abilities to grant raises or schedule flexibility to female employees for fear of lawsuits.

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One Comment to “Senator Murkowski Voices Concerns Over Gender Wage Gap Bill”

  • gary says:

    It’s as simple as this, remember that Murkowski, along with the rest of the Republicans,

    don’t think women should get equal pay for equal work.

    Murkowski and the Republicans think corporations should be able to boost their profits by paying women less than they pay a man.

    Run Murkowski and all the rest of the Republicans out of office. They’re only working for the corporations, they aren’t working for you, and especially not if you’re a woman.