Senator Giessel to Lose Nikiski in 2 Out of 3 Plans

As we reported last week, the Alaska Redistricting Board has released three draft plans for the new Alaskan electoral boundaries. Senator Giessel was connected to the northern Peninsula in the 2012 plans, but under two of the new drafts (B and D), she would lose that region and be joined with mid-town Anchorage or Valdez.


Sen. Giessel(R-S. Anchorage: “Well, I think that a couple of them are pretty dramatic changes. I think that’s obvious, of course, and I wonder about a couple of the maps, how they’re putting like communities together. In other words, the pairings seem to be not with similar communities and interests.”


We asked Sen. Giessel what she’d prefer…


Sen. Giessel(R-S. Anchorage): “Well, of course, I’d prefer A. Actually, I’d prefer for it to stay just the way it is. I really have enjoyed representing the northern half of the Peninsula.”


Public hearings are scheduled for Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. To see the full details, visit: Alaska Redistricting Board.


To see further details about the draft read: Alaska Redistricting Board Publishes Drafts.

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