Senator Giessel Says More Than Meets The Eye on SB34

New legislation introduced to the State Senate could change the way state representatives are required to report the use of their office allowances. Senate Bill 34 would require greater reporting on those expenses.


State Senator Cathy Giessel, who represents South Anchorage and the northern Kenai Peninsula said the principles of the bill sound good, but there are other factors to consider…


Sen. Giessel(R-South Anc): “I had been managing my office account that way, that is submitting the receipts. If it qualified, then I was reimbursed. This way, actually, the IRS is taking away 25 to 30 per cent of it, meaning I have a whole lot less to send out those newsletters, which cost about $6,000 to mail out a paper newsletter, and you know, folks like to have something they can hold onto and re-read later, so I agree with Sen. Fairclough, I would’ve voted differently on Legislative Council.”


SB34 was introduced by Democratic Anchorage Senator Berta Gardner and has been referred to the Finance Committee.



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