Senator Begich Dispels Anti-Guns Rumors

Last week in a Senate committee a measure passed to allow people to have a firearm on post office properties, but denied the motion to allow guns inside post office buildings.


Despite anti-gun rumors, Senator Mark Begich said he endorsed the amendment to the laws dealing with guns near post offices, adding that he will always support the 2nd Amendment and gun rights.


Sen. Begich: “But to be frank with you I had to push against the chairman of the committee because he was not going to allow any additional amendments. And I objected to his ruling, which he is the democratic chair and I thought he was wrong, so I objected which is very unheard of. And there was, as you can imagine a moment of silence because people weren’t sure what was going to happen at that moment and I just looked right at him and he asked me to withdraw my amendment, or my objection and I said I’m not going to withdraw my objection.”


He said that it is a second amendment issue that had recently been decided in Colorado and based on the amount of gun owners in Alaska it should mirror that law.



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