Senate Resource Committee Taking Up Instate Gas Today

The State Legislative session began yesterday, and Senator Cathy Giessel, Co-Chair of the Senate Resource Committee said that work with that committee will begin today…


Sen. Giessel(S. Anchorage): “You heard us talk about energy, I bet every single person in this room has had your power go out one time or another, well imagine, the power going out for a very long period of time, because we no longer have natural gas supply for areas that utilize it and depend on it. For that very reason, resource committee, is launching tomorrow[today] our first committee hearing, and we’ll be looking at instate gas. Not only in the Cook Inlet, but also in Fairbanks. As a born and raised Fairbanks girl, my heart is still in the ‘golden heart’ city and I am thrilled to be working with Sen. [Click] Bishop(R-Fairbanks) and Sen. [John] Coghill(R-Fairbanks), looking at how to get natural gas to folks, not only in interior but rural Alaska.”


Giessel said that the issues of oil taxes, instate gas, and economic diversification, need to be addressed this session.

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