Senate Finance Committee Unveils $1.9 billion capital budget

This afternoon, the Senate Finance committee unveiled a $1.9 billion capital budget, including $911 million in federal funds. The committee says this is the smallest capital budget in five years. By comparison, the FY 2013 capital budget had a bottom line closer to $3 billion.


More than 10 public hearings were held, resulting in significant cuts from the Governor’s proposal.


We’ve previously spoken with Rep. Kurt Olson, who predicted the smaller budget…


Rep. Olson(R-Soldotna): “This is probably one of the last years when we have a significant capital budget until we get the gas line up and more oil coming down off of the North Slope into the oil line, the TAPS line. So everybody’s scrambling for money on that. We’re hoping that we can get a reasonable amount for good projects in the area. I think there’ll be money for both cities for their top one or two priority items.”


The budget now continues through the Senate, then on to the State House.

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