Senate Education Committee to Meet Today in Anchorage

A Senate Subcommittee on Finance in Education will continue their series of meetings today in Anchorage. The committee has been tasked with studying the total cost of K-12 education including the Base-Student Allocation (BSA), transportation costs, school construction and the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS).


Today’s meeting will focus on cost data, with presenters from Regional Education Attendance Areas (REAA), urban school districts, the Special Education Service Agency (SESA), the Department of Education and Early Development (DEED), Best Beginnings, Parents as Teachers, and the Alaska Youth Military Academy.


This afternoon, Kenai Peninsula Superintendent Dr. Steve Atwater will be one of the presenters, as he discusses teacher evaluations.


The meeting will wrap up today with discussions about federal education dollars and the new standards for education.


Tomorrow morning the subcommittee will consider the future of the Alaska K-12 system.


Those who can’t attend in person, can watch online or go to any Legislative Information Office statewide to be teleconferenced in.

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