Sen. Micciche Still Wanting To Hear From Public On HB-77

Posted: March 19, 2014 at 5:02 pm

House Bill 77 heard two days of public testimony last week, shutting down legislative information offices around the state to accommodate comments from opponents and proponents of HB-77.


District O Senator Peter Micciche spoke from Juneau today about the current status on HB-77.


Sen. Micciche: “The status of HB-77 is this, and we took public testimony during two meetings last week and we listened to every Alaskan that wanted to testify, we’re still accepting emails. Pros vs Cons were pretty even if you include emails and public testimony but I am listening to every Alaskan. Ya know I don’t know where the bill is going from here I don’t know if its going to pass this year but I hear a lot of fear and a lot of it is not based on a lot of things that are in the bill but we’re just trying to communicate with Alaskans concerned about its outcome.”


Micciche said he still wants to hear from the public on HB-77.


Sen. Micciche: “Here’s the key issue for the public and my constituents. Keep the emails coming, let us know your concerns or about your support and we’re going to do the very best we can to represent our constituents and come to a level of compromise that makes folks more comfortable. Again, I don’t know where its going this year or if its going to come to the floor but Micheal’s and my job is to make it the very best bill it can be if it does get that far.”

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3 Comments to “Sen. Micciche Still Wanting To Hear From Public On HB-77”

  • bill says:

    No, it’s not been pretty even, most Alaskans have objected, Micciche has had a front row seat while thousands of Alaskans have weighed in against this legislation.

    Corporations have said they like this bill, and why wouldn’t they, it’s more give-away for them without having any oversight.

    Micciche is setting up his clown show so he can vote against the wishes of Alaskans and once again, support corporations at the expense of Alaskans.

    Just like SB 21, where he voted against the people.

    He should be run out of office, he’s nothing but a corporate shill.

  • jason says:

    there’s no way the comments are even; he’s just building a cover for himself. put all the comments on the committee website if that’s the case. plus, the public was told the hearings in decemeber – standing room only opposition – would be part of the record on hb 77. but they are nowhere to be found. sen. micchiche should do right thing and post all the comments – from fielf hearings and his emails.

  • Roy says:

    Peter Micciche likes to let people think they have a voice in government.How can someone make over 200,000 working at a plant that is shut down.Think about it !!