Sen. Micciche Oversees Students Present Designs For Teen Center

Wednesday evening the Soldotna Teen Center committee took a look at floor plans and designs being proposed by a 9th grade Soldotna High School class, keeping uniform with their unofficial slogan “for students, by students.”


Sen. Peter Micciche who has carried the administrative side of things thus far for the Teen Center was in attendance.


Sen. Micciche: “I think it went exceptionally well, I think Ms. Bos did a great job getting the students engaged, I think they came up with some great designs, it proves that they’re thinking about the best way to use the space, the colors, the materials and specifically the activities that will be going on here, again, our objective was that this facility was designed by students, for students and that’s exactly what we’re seeing here.”


Sen. Micciche also went on to say the committee’s have been given different tasks to get the facility up and running by Christmas.


Sen. Micciche: “What we’ve done is divided some of the tasks up into different committees and teams so there are a few teens that are going to be involved in the interview committee for the center coordinator, teams that will be going on out local non-profits that have promised to help with funding to make presentations about what they need to do with that funding, there will be teens that may be the ones that go to the interview with Rasmussen for part of their funding. Ultimately they’re going to be involved in every stage of getting the center open and making sure that its successful.”

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