Sen. Micciche Discussing House Bill 77 Tonight

Tonight, District O Senator Peter Micciche is hosting a meeting with officials from the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Fish and Game in Soldotna, to discuss House Bill 77.


The legislation is aimed at streamlining the permitting process in Alaska and seeks to build upon efforts in recent years to make the process more efficient. The measure is relatively extensive, dealing with issues such as land exchanges and permitting procedures.


Senator Micciche wants to give his constituents the chance to know as much as possible about HB 77.


Sen. Micciche said that HB-77 has generated more correspondence to his office than any other legislation.


Sen. Micciche: “The bill has to do with water rights. Proponents are those that feel that permitting should be streamlined and opponents are those that are worried that protection for anadromous streams will be reduced and being a pro-development sort of guy that also demands protection about what is most special about Alaska, decided to call a meeting.”


Sen. Micciche explained the agenda for the meeting.


Sen. Micciche: “DNR Commissioner Ed Fogels and ADF&G Commissioner Cora Campbell will be attending at the 9th at the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly Chambers from 4:00 – 5:00 pm will give a presentation from the commissioners. 5:00 – 6:00 pm I’ll have a panel of invited stakeholders and those will be folks that are proponents and opponents of House Bill 77 to have a discussion with the commissioners there to answer their questions and then from 6:00 – 7:00 pm we’ll have recorded public testimony.”


Click here to review the current version of HB77.

The time, date, location(s) and format of the meeting(s) will be as follows;


December 9th in Soldotna with DNR Deputy Commissioner Ed Fogels and ADF&G Commissioner Cora Campbell

  • ·         Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly Chambers
  • ·         4-5 PM – Presentation by Ed Fogels, Deputy Commissioner, Alaska Department of Natural Resources and Cora Campbell, Commissioner Alaska Department of Fish & Game
  • ·         5-6 PM – Invited Stakeholder Panel Discussion
  • ·         6-7 PM – Recorded Public Testimony (2 minutes per participant)

Additional written testimony is welcome at both meetings.

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