Sen. Micciche Currently Meeting With DNR On HB-77

Following a meeting on Saturday in which Sen. Peter Micciche heard from District “O” residents and constituents on many issues, primarily HB-77, Sen. Micciche is currently reviewing Hb-77 and says the bill will be online at 3:30 pm today.


Sen. Micciche: “I just really want to inform constituents that we’re working really hard on HB-77 right now, I’m currently meeting with staff from DNR. What I’ve asked them to do, the hearing starts at 3:30 and at that point once the new version is adopted then the bill will be available at Alaska Basis so I ask them to go to the website at that point at 3:30 once its adopted they will hit send and that link will be live and they can pull it down and review it at that point.”


Micciche also said the bill is looking better thanks to District “O” constituents.


Sen. Micciche: “I want to thank folks in Soldotna and Homer, we had capacity crowds in both locations, a lot of questions about the bill and again I want to thank my constituents on being so active in this effort I think it made a huge difference in improving the bill and from what I can see right now, of course I just got it late this morning as well, I think we’re pretty close I think their participation was effective in helping the effort.”


You can find the current bill as stands on Alaska Basis – HB77.

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