Sen. Giessel on Representing N. Peninsula

The Kenai Peninsula was represented by two new Senators during the past legislative session. Senator Cathy Giessel now represents the northern Kenai Peninsula, since redistricting altered her South Anchorage electorate. We asked about the transition…


Sen. Giessel(R-S. Anchorage): “The issues are so similar, though there are a lot of volunteer fire departments here on the Kenai, so when it came to budget time that was a big priority for me that I didn’t have necessarily so much on the northern part of the district, though Girdwood certainly needed help with their volunteer station, but particularly down here on the Peninsula, so that was a big one. You know, already the Peninsula is a place where job opportunities are increasing as Cook Inlet ramps up, so just continuing to see those opportunities for growth. Seward, of course, their industrial harbor was a big item for the budget that I worked on, and AVTEC, the vocational training center over there, getting funding for them.”

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