Sen. Begich Signs On To Proposal To Keep Existing Insurance Policies

Friday, Senator Mark Begich signed on to a proposal that would allow individuals to keep their existing health insurance policies through 2015.


The plan laid out by President Obama on Thursday would allow insurers to continue offering plans into 2014 that otherwise do not meet minimum federal standards.


During an interview Sen. Begich said he supports the one year extension as a way to ease the transition under health care reform.


Sen. Begich: “I think there’s a great opportunity to move forward and make sure those individuals who have been cancelled, and let me make it very clear some of those got policies after the past couple years that probably shouldn’t have been sold those policies when insurance companies knew those policies would be cancelled but we’re proposing a fix today that I’m happy to support as I’ve always said, this law has issues we should work on.”  



Sen. Lisa Murkowski on the other hand says the President’s proposal is a “punt” that does not fix the problem.


Alaska’s largest health insurance company is still evaluating the White House plan but a Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield spokeswoman says they hope to have more information this week.


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