Sen. Begich New Ad Dispels Koch Ads

Senator Mark Begich released his first reelection ad today, targeting the Charles and David Koch and dispelling the ads that they backed through Americans for Prosperity.


The two ads run by the conservative group claimed that Sen. Begich did not listen to Alaskans and that he supports a carbon tax for Alaska despite the cost.


We spoke to Sen. Begich before the ad was released.


Sen. Begich: “I don’t support a carbon tax, despite the people who are running those ads are laying off Alaskans up in North Pole and leaving dirty water for kids to drink, the Koch Brothers. And plus that ad has been been shown by two independent groups to be false and misleading. So the very simple answer is that I do not support a carbon tax, I haven’t supported a carbon tax. We don’t need to put more taxes on the backs of Alaskans in regards to their ANG costs.”


The ad also targets the Koch brothers’ shut down of the North Pole Flint Hills Refinery which is owned by Koch Industries.


To see the Sen. Begich’s ad, click here. 

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