Second Teen Center Pilot Project Meeting Tonight

Following a great turnout of their last meeting, Senator Peter Micciche and the location committee for the Teen Center Pilot Project are meeting again tonight at Soldotna City Hall.


Sen. Micciche gave a re-cap of their last meeting.



Micciche: “What we did last meeting was sort of prioritize what we need to do first for a pilot project for a teen center and the two committees that we formed were  the space committee, which is the committee that goes out and looks at different locations to rent so remember, there’s a pilot project for 3 years to determine if the community is behind this and keep it low cost until we know its going to be successful and then we can look for a more permanent solution.”


Sen. Micciche had the details for tonight’s meeting.



Micciche: “The meeting is tonight at Soldotna City Hall they’ve got the space for us there, of course this is serving the greater Soldotna area community, its taking place tonight at 7:30 at City Hall. We’re extending an invitation to everyone in the community that’s concerned about a safe place for teens and that’s teens especially but parents, educators, community members, clergy members or anyone that’s interested in helping to provide a safe place for teens in Soldotna.”

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