Second Peninsula Bear Attack, No Injuries

The second brown bear attack for the season was recorded on Monday, but this time there were no residents involved. Instead, a brown bear reportedly attacked a Subaru in Sterling, tearing off a side-view mirror, smashing a tail light and rear window, ripping off the back windshield wiper and pushing the car eight inches in the gravel driveway.


The vehicle’s owner, Norm Israelson, was reportedly watching television at the time, and didn’t hear the incident.


Local area biologist Jeff Selinger collected samples from the area, but the results are not yet known. Selinger encouraged residents to make sure they’ve secured bear attractants from around their homes, including trash and outside freezers. He also asked that residents get in touch with Wildlife Troopers or the ADF&G is dead moose are found, so that carcasses can be removed.

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