Second DOT Open House in Sterling

The State Department of Transportation will host it’s second open house this evening(Wednesday) to address the Sterling Highway safety corridor from Soldotna to Sterling.


Jill Reese with the DOT said that after listening to the communities through other open houses that this option seemed to be a general consensus.


Reese: “Well, this area has been an area of high crashes, both vehicle and moose collisions over the years and has rated really highly in an area that would benefit by being a safety corridor. It is an area that bottlenecks down from 4 and 5 lanes down to just 2 lanes and so that’s been an exacerbating issue.”


Although legislators have already allotted money for the project, Reese said additional funds will be needed.


Reese: “Unfortunately, that option is going to cost in today’s dollars about twice the amount of money that we already have allotted. So the plan is to go ahead and do all the preliminary engineering, do the right-of-way purchases if necessary. Do the moose mitigation and then do the 5-lane as far as the rest of the money will take us, and then the community and Borough are going to be working with their legislators to figure out how they’re going to fund the rest of the project.”


The meeting will take place at the Sterling at the Sterling Community Center Wednesday, June 25, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

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