Seasonal Hiring Slowing Down

Seasonal hiring for the holidays has slowed for the year. Peninsula Job Center’s Diana Spann said the bulk of holiday hiring is done in September.


Spann: “We are seeing a lot of traffic in the resource room, so a lot of job seekers are out looking for employment. It just slows down this time of year, through the holidays it seems like. There’s always a big push of hire in September and even October and then it just seems like it slows down for us. Most people have hired their holiday labor already, so yes it does seem like it slows down.”


For those looking for work, Spann said now is the time to be proactive and be prepared for hiring in the new year.


Spann: “Yes, come in and work with us. We’ll help them get their resume in order, we’ll help them with their interview skills. We do mock interviews, we do 12 different workshops that we hold on a weekly basis to help people with their job skills. We’ve got an employment counselor here that will help a person make sure they’re getting in the right field if they’re thinking of going back for additional training.”


Spann said there are currently around 100 jobs open, so positions are available, even though it’s relatively quiet.

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