Schools Superintendent Dr. Atwater Resigns

The Superintendent of the local school district, Dr. Steve Atwater, has resigned and will now move to a newly-created role at UAA.


Atwater made his announcement during an executive session of the School Board last night. He will remain in his position through December 1, 2014.


Dr. Atwater will become the University of Alaska’s Associate Vice President for K-12 Outreach. Atwater said “Because my work leading our school district for the past five years has been so rewarding, it is hard to step down. However, I am excited to become the University of Alaska’s Associate Vice President for K-12 Outreach, a newly created position. I am appreciative of working for a supportive school board that places our students’ needs as their number one priority and am proud that our district made so many improvements while I was here. I know the district has a clear vision for what is next and is well positioned with a strong team to continue to meet its goals.


The school board will now determine the next step for a new KPBSD superintendent. They discussed three possibilities: a national search and new hire; appoint a new superintendent from qualified internal or external candidates; or hire an interim superintendent for the remainder of the school year.


We will keep you updated as that decision is made.


Joe Arness, school board president said Dr. Atwater’s “tenure here has been entirely productive and successful and he can take justified pride in the organization that he has been instrumental in creating and continuing. The district will continue in its current directions.

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  1. JD 5 August, 2014, 09:33

    THANKS, Dr. Atwater for rolling in here from God knows where, screwing up our schools, taking borough money then bailing! Now we have to really wonder if this whole 9th grade only school, shutdown Skyview thing is going to work. Thank you, and good bye!

  2. Mike 5 August, 2014, 15:34

    Steve Atwater, the superintendant who didn’t even have his own kids in the school district that he was in charge of

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