Schools Realignment Debuts Possible School Colors

The Soldotna schools realignment committee met last night to start hashing out proposals for each of the new schools. Facilitator Doug Hayman divided the committee into three work groups to form their own models.


Two of the groups presented their ideas last night; the first was explained by SoHi Student Body President Kelci Benson…


Benson: “We said that the current Skyview building would stay Skyview Middle School, be the Panthers, and we would leave the purple and the white and we would trim it with blue, and then we would take the current Middle School building and we would call it Soldotna Prep and make it blue, purple, and white, and then we would take the current SoHi building and we would take the blue and trim it with purple and make the colors purple, blue, and white. And we would make the Middle School stars and we would leave the High School stars.”


The second included a Skyview student and was presented by SoHi math teacher Troy Minogue…


Minogue: “Our ideas were to leave the Skyview Middle School Panthers and the colors would stay the same as it currently is, so it would be purple, and then the High School, would merge the two schools together and make it a Soldotna Central High School, or Soldotna Unified High School or something like that. And then they would keep the mascot of the stars, but it would have some black accents added to the colors, and it would still say the Stars. One benefit to that is a student has the possibility of going to both the Skyview Panthers and a Soldotna Star.”


The meetings will pick up again on October 8, when the third group, including a student representative from Soldotna Middle School, will present their model.

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