Schools Preparing For New Education Standards

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District has until the spring of 2015 to prepare for new education standards, which aim to change the way students learn.


Schools Superintendent Dr. Steve Atwater said they’re building new curriculum now…


Dr. Atwater: “This requires the students to have much more of an applied approach to learning, it’s not simply recall, it’s more of a ‘take the information and use it,’ which makes sense. It’s positive. So, our instruction at the classroom-level is going to need to shift more to accommodate the more high-order thinking skills that are what will be assessed primarily by these new tests. So, what we’re seeing is a lot of the states when they’re first implementing the new tests are seeing a big dip, where a lot of kids that were once passing the tests are no longer, because it’s asking them to think and perform in a different way.”


And it’s not just the students who have to adapt…


Dr. Atwater: “Teachers are just getting to understand the differences, so we’ll be spending the next year and a half doing everything we can to help our students get ready for that.”

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