School District Launching New App

Students are enjoying a day off today with no school for most of the local district. As the year winds down, KPBSD administrators are preparing to launch a new app for smartphones. Pegge Erkeneff said they’ve been doing an internal test of the app for a few weeks…


Erkeneff: “I’m really excited about it. I’ve wanted to do this for about two years and it’s taken a lot of gathering information and research.We’ll be launching it on May 15th, right before school ends. One of the things that we really are hoping that will happen with the app is that parents will be able to download it into their smartphone, employees, students will be able to access power school, grades, get push notifications. There’s a directory of all of our staff, so you can email straight from your phone if you have a question to a teacher, and even more exciting is the events calendar. You can look at what’s happening at your specific school, so a parent can subscribe to the District and to each school.”


The app will also provide information about security threats at local schools. Erkeneff said if there’s ever a serious issue, the app will help them get that information directly to parents.

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