School District Facing Multi-Million Dollar Deficit

Following several meetings by the school district budget committee, Superintendent Dr. Steve Atwater on Wednesday presented numbers at the Kenai Chamber Luncheon, showing the unknown deficit they are currently facing.


Dr. Atwater: “We’re facing a deficit we don’t the exact number, its likely to be $3-4 million somewhere in that range and the school board has already taken the first step in eliminating $1.25 million in expenditures and then we’ll take a hard look at the gap in January and go from there so we are at a point that we do need to tighten our belt a little bit and we’ve started that process.”


Dr. Atwater also outlined through that process they have had to eliminate several job positions for next year.


Dr. Atwater: “We’ve eliminated 8.5 positions for next year but its important to know that’s not eliminating 8.5 people, we have enough attrition usually 60-90 jobs go out the door every year with people retirement or people just leaving and that those 8.5 positions don’t necessarily impact a person per say so that’s the good news, everyone will have a job next year that’s in good standing with us, the bad news is that we’ll have fewer teachers in front of our kids.”


Pegge Erkeneff had also mentioned that the school district is looking at a mobile application launch in the coming months.



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