School District Awarded State Funds, Still Facing Deficit

With the Governor’s signature on the state capital and operating budgets, School District administrators are one step closer to knowing how the books will balance this fall. KPBSD Superintendent Dr. Steve Atwater said they’re definitely facing a deficit next year, in the vicinity of $2.5 million.


Dr. Atwater: “We’ll be using our fund balance and reserves to balance our budget, and that total amount is not yet known, but that’s where we’re going to have to draw upon to make the balance, but looking ahead to the following year, the Board will be considering whether it makes sense to increase the size of class size, which would be a reduction in personnel.”


Dr. Atwater said there is some possibility that the Borough could increase the district’s funding, but they’ll hold off on making that decision until…


Dr. Atwater: “Everything else needs to be fleshed out with the number of students that return to us for school next year. So, we don’t really know our level of revenue until we know our number of students.”

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